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Ryan McCarty, LMT

Lead Massage Therapist

Ryan McCarty arrived at the world of massage therapy by a unique journey. For 27 years he was a minister, meeting the needs of others day in and day out until after a quarter century he found himself the one in need of rest and restoration. Encouraged by his oldest daughter, he went back to school at Indiana Wellness College to pursue a certification as a massage therapist. Ryan discovered that his passion to serve others was just as fulfilled in providing a therapy to them through the use of various massage techniques.


Not only was this a way to meet the needs of people, but massage was also the perfect avenue to include Ryan’s lifelong commitment to fitness, both as an athlete and as a coach. Having played multiple sports in high school and college, participated in powerlifting, and completed three full marathons and a half Ironman, he is no stranger to soreness and sports injuries. His personal physical strength has allowed him to specialize in deep tissue massage as well as sports massage and stretching.


    Katelynn Ziegler, LMT

    Massage Therapist

    I love the field of massage therapy because it can be versatile, effective, and rewarding for both me and my clients!  I have a passion to help others and one of the ways I try to do so is by helping the body reduce pain, improve circulation, and increase function through various techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, cupping and stretching.  

    Learning different techniques and tools is exciting for me as I continuously improve as a massage therapist!  I tend to focus on managing chronic pain, treating postural imbalances, and assisting in injury recovery.  When I'm not working, I'm probably with my sweet pup, Pyxis, or looking silly practicing ice skating!  

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      Mckenzie Nickell, LMT

      Massage Therapist

      I have a large desire to want to help people, stepping away from an 11 year career in the dental field I finally feel like I have found my calling as a massage therapist. I am a recent grad from Indiana wellness college, and have spent years studying the muscular anatomy to aid in bodybuilding. My goal is to spend time with my clients to understand their concerns, make goals and treatment plans to reach them, and to study each concern while educating on the importance of self care and home care.

      I have been competing in women’s physique/bodybuilding for the last 8 years and have had plenty of my own body work done, which pushed me more in this direction for career. I love being an athlete, and I enjoy helping others to continue what they love every day as well. In my free time you’ll usually find me at the gym, reading or trying to spend any time outdoors. I’m always up for a new adventure and love hiking.


        Olivia Purcell, LMT

        Massage Therapist

        Olivia is a highly trained massage therapist with a passion for providing deep tissue massages using medium to firm pressure. She recently completed a 900-hour massage program at Indiana Wellness College, where she honed her skills and gained extensive knowledge in the art of massage therapy.

        Specializing in deep tissue techniques, Olivia is adept at addressing muscle tension and soreness in individuals from all walks of life. She understands that every person has unique needs and tailors each session to ensure that her clients receive the best possible care. Olivia's massages not only alleviate physical discomfort, but also promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

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