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IV Therapy & Injections

Under the Weather IV

This infusion is the perfect combination of vitamins when you are suffering from cold or flu symptoms

Reboot/Hangover IV

Ease hangover headache, nausea, and dehydration! 


This premium infusion is the perfect combination of anti-aging treatments and mental clarity remedies. 

Inner Beauty IV

This infusion is the perfect blend of ingredients to fight wrinkles, produce collagen, and help with anti-aging. 

Get Up and Go  IV

This is the perfect treatment to add energy into your daily routine by boosting metabolism and burning fat. 

Brainstorm IV

The Ideal combination of brain functioning components. 

Pain Shot- Toradol

This shot takes the pain away in one simple treatment.

L-Taurine Injection

This treatment takes the mind and body route to decrease anxiety. 

Carnitine Injection

An injection to boost athletic performance

B-12 Shot

Supports energy, weight loss, mood enhancement. 

Jeuveau Injection

Say goodbye to forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet!

Recovery and Performance IV

This is the perfect treatment to decrease recovery time and increase overall athletic performance. 

Quench IV

Hydrate and combat fatigue from dehydration!

Myer's IV

Doctor Myers has created a perfect IV treatment to aid in sleep deprivation, nutrient deficiency, and muscle inflammation and immune support. 

Immunity IV

A great cocktail to support optimal immune function. 

Bye Bye Migraine IV

A combination of the perfect ingredients to end the dreaded migraine. 

Alleviate IV

The perfect treatment to help with the unbearable symptoms of PMS. 

Lipo B Weight Loss Injection

Supplements that support fat metabolization, suppresses appetite and enhances energy levels with a dose of b-12! Can be administered weekly!

Glutathione Injection

Protect cells from free radical damage and helps improve cell function. 


This is the perfect one-stop shot to improve hair, skin and nails. 

Vitamin D Injection

This immunity shot gives great support for bones and enhances one's mood. 

FDA Disclaimer:

The services provided have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your physician before beginning any treatment or therapy program. Any designations or references to therapies are for marketing purposes only and do not represent actual products. 

What Our Clients Say


“After getting the “liquid gold” IV, I feel so much better! I have newfound energy, my skin looks amazing, and the pain from my neck is better. Thank you soo much Janelle, you’re amazing!!”
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