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Electrotherapy is the application of electrical stimulation transmitted through the body via electrodes for therapeutic purposes. With electrotherapy, the current flows through the body from one electrode to the other and causes different physiological reactions, which are determined by the type of current selected, the parameters of the selected current and the output intensity. The Intellect Legend XT is one of the most advanced therapy systems available. 

The use of electrotherapy has been supported by the American Physical Therapy Association because it has shown to provide the following:

  • Relaxation of muscle spasms

  • Prevention and cessation of muscular atrophy due to disuse

  • Improved local blood circulation and flow

  • Re-education of muscles using targeted stimulation

  • Preserve and improve range of motion

  • Management and reduction of pain (chronic, post-traumatic, and post-surgical acute)

  • Prevention of deep vein thrombosis post-surgery

  • Facilitation of wound healing

Therapeutic ultrasound provides deep heating to soft tissue to increase blood circulation to tissues. This promotes healing and decreases pain. Research studies have shown therapeutic ultrasound can provide patients with the following benefits:

  • Improve relaxation of tissues

  • Decrease chronic pain

  • Stimulates metabolic cellular growth 

  • Increase local blood flow and circulation

  • Reduce swelling and inflammation

  • Enhance breakdown of scar tissue

The Chattanooga Intellect Legend can be added to any massage service with an added charge. 

Electrotherapy- $25 

Ultrasound - $25

Combination- $35

Our Member pricing

Electrotherapy- $10

Ultrasound - $10

Combination- $15

Chattanooga Intellect Legend XT® 


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Decompression tables are great for providing pain relief, promoting healing of spinal disc tissues, helps restore normal spinal disc and joint alignment, relieves pressure on spinal nerves, and accelerates effectiveness of other healing approaches. 
Our decompression table can be used after or before treatments or as a walk in service.
We can't wait for you to experience the benefits from this amazing machine. 









Our decompression table starts at $59.99 a service. Purchase 10 sessions or more up front and receive 10% off  

Chattanooga Decompression Table® 


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