We specialize in sports and medical massage in conjunction with personal training for optimal treatment performance and function of the body

We offer the following for massage therapy


60 Minute                                  

90 Minute                                  

120 Minute                                            


60 Minute                                  

90 Minute                                  

120 Minute        



60 Minute                                  

90 Minute



We offer the following for Personal Training

Personal Training 

30 Minute Session

60 Minute Session



Personal Training sessions can be scheduled up to 5x/week 



All services can be scheduled under "Schedule Appointment" Tab at the top of the page



Adjunct Therapy


60 Minute Cupping Session                             




60 Minute Graston Session  



60 Minute lymph session                



Adjunct therapy can be added onto Swedish sessions during your appointment.   

Deep tissue/ Sports includes Adjunct therapy if therapist determines the client will benefit from those therapies.             

Custom Meal Plans*

We will create a plan that works around your schedule and foods you love! (the healthy ones of course!) There are many different levels of meal plans! Email us for details!


On Your Own Training Plans*

We will create a customized at home or in your own gym workout plan using the equipment you already have on hand or that is available to you! It makes it easy and simple! 

Please email us at to get more information!

Massage Therapy 

Massage Therapy helps to realign bodies for better function and movement. We assist the body to do what it was created to do, heal itself. We are creatures of habit and need to remind the muscles and our movements where we are supposed to be, not remain where we are at. We can heal and get out of chronic tension and pain. 

Personal Training

Personal Training can not only help you reach your fitness/wellness goals but it can work in tandem with massage therapy to help realign our bodies. If you never strengthen your muscles pulling you out of alignment you will never fully release your tension. 

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