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This page is for the products that we love, and use ourselves! We want to share with you all the great health tools that are out there!

Let me tell you, WE LOVE PLEXUS!

We love the "pink drink" it has helped us with sugar cravings (anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE sugar) and has helped control blood sugar levels and suppressed my appetite a bit too! They have just the right amount of supplements that your body needs. We all know a company that has like 8 million supplements that there is no need for. Well NOT Plexus! Give them a try, you won't regret it! But if you do! There is always a 60-day money back guarantee! So there is no reason NOT to! It can't hurt to try something new that will make you feel AWESOME!

Check out our affiliate website and learn more!   LEARN MORE HERE!

1st Phorm Products are the best out there! If you are looking to add the best tools to support your fitness needs, 1st Phorm has you covered. We use these tools daily. Whether you are looking to add the best quality proteins, micro-nutrients, pre/post workout shakes, fat loss support, or overall wellness supplements, these are at the top when it comes to quality, taste, and performance. All of their products are manufactured in a FDA Approved facility.

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Amazon. Having 5 children, ordering online has been our go to and Amazon Prime delivers in 2 days or LESS! Below are things that we use daily or have ordered ourselves! These are great products!

M&M Power Fitness Amazon Must-Haves!

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