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Achedaway Cupper

Achedaway Cupper

$249.00 Regular Price
$169.00Sale Price

The Achedaway Cupper derives its concept from the Chinese traditional Cupping techniques. It has perfected its dynamic cupping and suction. It has eliminated the use of manual hand pumps that, were previously employed by its traditional cupping predecessors. The Achedaway Cuppers are now being used by massage therapist, chiropractor, coach, athletes and so on.

Smart Dynamic Cupping

Cupper outstands ordinary cupping sets with rhythmic alternation of suction and release, which boosts blood circulation faster to the cupping area and speeds up the recovery process.

App Control

With the Achedaway App you can Customize cupping time from 1 second to 12 minutes and control a maximum of 6 cuppers at the same time.

Red Light Therapy

The red light is a good aid in pain, and inflammation reduction, bringing faster results in healing the skin and muscle tissue, as well as creating more relaxation.


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