Mike Van Duyn


Operations Manager

Massage Therapist/ Personal Trainer

I have a passion and drive to help people in their wellness journey. I love creating treatment plans to support each persons goal and help them achieve it. As someone who specializes in human movement I incorporate my knowledge of body work, personal training, and my background in athletics to get better results for my clients. 

When I am not working hard for our business you can find me in the gym, playing with our kids, or enjoying the outdoors. 

Alizabeth Van Duyn


Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist we are here to assist the body to do what it was created to do, heal itself. Massage is the perfect instrument to guide the body to relax into homeostasis (balance). 


I attended a course to become one of the first Massage Therapists in the nation trained in Graston Technique, a bodywork technique previously reserved for licensed physicians and physical therapists. I have a passion to teach people the important of massage on the human body. I teach my clients ways to continue treatment even after they are off my table. 

I am originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan where I attended the Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Science and graduated as a Therapeutic Massage Therapists. 

Shan White Pic.JPG

Shan White

Massage Therapist

I am Shan White. In one word, I would describe myself as an Adventurer.


I have a degree from the University of New Hampshire in Recreation Management and became an outdoor guide after graduating in 2015. I love to #OptOutside, and share my knowledge of the outdoors with whomever is interested in learning. Throughout my guiding career, I often offered fellow guides massages to ease their aching muscles (guides carry a lot of gear). I have had a passion for massage since childhood, and after seeing first-hand how my amateur massages helped my co-workers, I decided to hang up my boots, professional, and grab the lotion bottle. I recently graduated from Indiana Wellness College for Massage Therapy and am excited to join Muscle Mobility’s team.


Everyone’s a lifetime learner, you never stop learning and growing. Whether that is in your career (massage) or in your body’s natural movement (mobility). I’m excited to continue my growth every day in massage, and continue mine and my client’s growth in body mechanics and mobility.


Tabitha Armstrong

Massage Therapist

Hey there, I'm Tabitha and I've been a massage therapist since October 2019! I am currently certified in Graston Technique, KT Taping and expanding my knowledge in my cupping certification!


Ever since I can remember I have been a hands on learner. I have to touch and experience something for myself to understand what I need to know. Massage Therapy seemed like a perfect fit for me! I enjoy helping and educating people in a way they can understand and benefit from.  I have a hunger for knowledge and new challenges that will help push me to be a better therapist for my clients but also myself! 


Outside of work I am a wife and momma of 3 kiddos! My hobbies include chasing my toddler, watching movies, road trips and trying new breweries or distilleries! 


I am excited to start a journey with you and see how far we can go! 


Glenn Marsh

Massage Therapist

I’ve been Licenced as a Massage Therapist since I graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 2007, but have been passionate about using touch to keep our muscles loose and mobile my entire adult life. I enjoy getting to see the difference in my clients after their sessions, and get the most gratification when I notice the long term changes in clients who’ve been receiving quality work over the course of months.

The main focus of my massage style is deep tissue & mobility, and over the years, I’ve incorporated many varying techniques into my sessions. I look forward to finding out which ones will work best for you.

When not at work or home, I’m likely riding my bike around town, practicing Tai Chi, or playing a board game with friends.

Starting this September!

Sarah Lowe

Personal Trainer

My name is Sarah Lowe, and I have four years of personal training experience. During my lifetime, many of my close family members have struggled with mental health issues, eating disorders, and obesity. This is why I have made it my life’s mission to learn as much about health and wellness as possible so that I can help those around me live their happiest, healthiest lives. As your trainer, my goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident with yourself. My
philosophy is centered around establishing healthy eating habits and effective physical activity. We will accomplish this by holding you accountable to a personalized training plan that takes your current health into account while making steady progress towards your ultimate goals. If
you are interested in an empowering and uplifting experience with a trainer who cares about you,
give me a call!