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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a mood boost? Or just unsure of what to get? 

What's an IV infusion?

IV stands for “intravenous” meaning it is administered directly through the veins, which is used as a method for medications, vitamins, and hydration. Resurrection Health has a variety of vitamin and mineral IV infusion (See Products & Services), designed to target a wide variety of health concerns or issues. 

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy is the quickest way to deliver vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream, which leads to quicker results than oral vitamin supplements. Oral supplements provide only 30% absorption. IV therapy provides 90% absorption.

Are there contraindications to IV Therapy?

Yes. Anyone with a medical history of Congestive Heart Failure, Atrial Fibrillation, any Heart Valve Diagnosis, Bleeding Disorders, Acute or Chronic Kidney Diseases, and/or Pregnant/Breastfeeding will require a separate order from his or her doctor prior to receiving these services.

How long does IV therapy take?

Treatment times vary depending on the product. However, most treatments last 60 minutes. 

What is an in home infusion?

A Registered Nurse comes to the comfort of your home and provides an infusion. A $50-100 mobile fee is applied for in home set up! This is a one-time fee, so grab a group of friends and infuse together!

Do you work under a doctor?

Yes, our formulary is backed by Dr. Authrine Whyte, MD.

Do you have to be sick to receive IV therapy?

No, prevention is one of our core purposes! You can receive IV treatments that administer key vitamins to boost the immune system and cognitive function. 

How soon will I feel the effect of my IV?

It varies from person to person depending on the individual’s body and how depleted of micronutrients you are. However, most people feel effects around 48 hours after treatment. 

How many IV treatments do I need to treat my sickness?

It depends on how depleted your body is of micronutrients prior to sickness. Most people see results with 1-2 IV treatments. 

How do I know which IV infusion to receive?

There are in-depth descriptions of each product on our Product & Services page. However, always feel free to reach out or schedule a consultation for targeted treatment recommendations.

Do you make custom micronutrient drips?

Yes. Contact us for more details!

What type of payments are accepted?

We accepts credit, debit, cash and health savings. Tips are welcomed but not required!

Life happened and I can’t make my appointment. What’s your cancellation policy?

We recognize plans can be disrupted and life happens! If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. This allows us to fill the schedule with another client seeking our services! 50% of your invoice will be charged for any appointment without a proper 24 hour notice, per out cancellation fee policy.

Thank you in advance for respecting the time of our clients and our nursing staff. We value each and everyone of you!

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