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Physical Therapy

What do we treat?

Back Pain               Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain        Lifting Injuries

Sciatica                  Ankle Pain

Neck Pain               Sports Injuries

Hip Pain                  Running Injuries

Headaches             Chronic Pain

Physical Therapy Session


At Divergent Rehab and Wellness, we completely understand that many people wait too long before they finally address pain or dysfunction, and eventually it gets to the point where the pain becomes too much. Our body is amazing at problem solving, but it also hides a problem until the problem’s voice becomes too loud to ignore…

  • At times we may have considered looking at some help, but our day to day lives don’t give us the chance to focus on ourselves and we feel we just don’t have time. If only we could speak with a doctor RIGHT NOW to see what your options are to deal with, address and solve your pain…

  • We get life moves fast, but it shouldn’t move so fast that you forget to put yourself first! This is why we designed the Total Body Diagnostic Assessment. This amazing opportunity is a 20 min appointment with a specialist Doctor of Physical Therapy and is built to assess your unique pain, injury and problem(s) and explain how we can help you through a future plan of care. This session does NOT include a treatment for your condition. If you currently are in a lot of pain, don’t put anyone other than yourself first and upgrade to a full consultation to finally get your life in your control. Hurry! Our schedule fills up fast, and due to this the Total Body Diagnostic Assessments are limited and scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure yours before they are all reserved, please complete the form below NOW and we will contact you right away!

  • This opportunity is perfect for people looking to overcome ANY style of Pain, Injury, Stiffness or Performance Deficit and get back to the active and healthy person they always want to be!

  • If you are interested following the Total Body Diagnostic Assessment in pursuing the next level and UPGRADING to a full consultation, developing a plan of care, and taking action to get rid of your pain for good we will be sure to get you on track right away and build a plan unique to you!

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