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-Katie Greiwe 


Katie G.

"Chronic Pain, It has a way of changing how you experience the world, and it has impacted my life for the last 2 1/2 years. My first appointment at Muscle Mobility in July of 2021 was 7 months post-op from a hip surgery that was supposed to fix my chronic pain. The recovery had been as grueling as they said it would be, but the pain and functionality of my hip was worse than before the surgery. Now I have also developed plantar fasciitis in my opposite foot due to compensation. After multiple follow-up appointments with my surgeon, another MRI, and LOTS of PT that was not helping, they had nothing left to offer besides another "exploratory" surgery, with a best case 3 month recovery. Uhhhhh, no thanks! 

I came to Muscle Mobility with no option left, and honestly not much hope. A friend recommended it, so I figured at this point I have nothing to lose. I'm glad I did!! It has not been a quick simple fix. Correcting the root of my issues requires daily work on my part at home too. It turns out there are lots of things contributing to my hip dysfunction and chronic pain, and its something that surgery alone will never fix. Mike has used several different therapy techniques to repair, realign, and stabilize my body. I feel hopeful that 2022 is the year I will be running again pain free! :)"

Patricia S.

"It has been exciting to watch the growth of Muscle Mobility Performance and wellness! I have had the pleasure of receiving Michael Van Duyn’s therapy for relief of my chronic neck and shoulder pain. He is simply amazing. He knows exactly where my points of need are and has allowed me to have the quality of life back that I did not think was possible. I had tried Chiropractors, physical therapy, medications and even nerve ablation, but nothing worked to relieve my pain. I am so thankful that I tried Michael! I highly recommend this organization to anyone seeking both therapeutic and relaxation massages. You will not be disappointed!"

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Brian G 

"The sports massage with Tierany was exactly what I needed to start getting back to the level of performance I'm used to.  Just one appointment has already made a huge difference.  The 4 runs I've done since the appointment have been the best I've had in weeks!  I'm excited to see what will be possible as I continue to work with you all!"


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"Katelynn was amazing as a therapist and person.  Excellent, caring communicator!  This is exactly what I had hoped for.  Thank you very much!!"



"Ryan does really great work and is just a good dude. He listens well and focuses on my needs. I always feel great after a session with him."


Angie M.

"Ryan is knowledgeable and fantastic. He worked extra hard on my tennis elbow issues with massage and cupping. The therapists at Muscle and Mobility are so much more than basic massage therapists- their knowledge about the body and various methods of addressing issues is vast and effective."


Danielle W.

"Fantastic session today. I had a small conference first and then he explained everything he needed to do to achieve results. I appreciated the professionalism and respect shown during the whole process."


Anne E. 

"The staff and team was so welcoming and helpful! The initial

chiropractic exam was thorough, and i feel confident I have found my new go-to place for chiro and massage. I highly recommend Muscle Mobility!"


Ryan S.

"As a new patient of Muscle Mobility, I am so appreciative of the team's kindness and knowledge on how to best help me promote healing from my injuries."



Joe P.

"I went for my initial visit yesterday. I had been in severe hip pain for a couple of weeks. Mike analyzed the injury, and then worked on it for over an hour. It made the pain reduce by 1/3 rd that day.
I've already scheduled to go back for more treatments to finish the process.
I'd highly recommend this company to all."


Mendy D.

"Mike and Ryan have been amazing with helping me heal from a significant surgery. Mike was able to speed the healing of a seroma (build up of fluid) that my doctor was no longer able to drain. This saved me from an additional surgery. They have improved the healing and appearance of my scar. Help with scar tissue build up and relief from discomfort associated with it. They help with tightness that continues to build due to healing. They are also amazing at helping with built up inflammation. I can not imagine having to heal with out their help." 


Steven K.

"Making an appointment was easy thanks to Makayla (hope I spelled her name correctly). Becki relieved the pain in my left hip that I had experienced for nearly two months. I highly recommend."


Blaire D.

"This place is awesome and literally every therapist who works here is awesome. I have chronic issues that need massage to resolve and they get it right every single time! Hands down one of the best places to get a real massage in the Indy area. Becki is incredible!"

Ralph P.

"My experiences at Muscle Mobility have been exceptional. The team at Muscle Mobility is fantastic! They take great care of you from start to finish. I had Becki for a 60 minute Swedish massage and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I highly recommend a visit to Muscle Mobility!"


Danielle W.

"I had an absolutely enjoyable experience. Lynn was very thorough and explained everything. I love that the session was educational, relaxing, and productive! She really paid attention to my needs and I know that future sessions will be even better."


Jacqueline S.

"Literally one of the best massages I have ever had! I really needed fascia work done and she nailed it!!! The only thing that I might have wanted was more time :p I rebooked another session and plan to get my husband in with her soon!


Kayla C.

"Wonderful experience all around! From the super friendly staff at check in and check out, to the amazing and wonderful Megan working her massage magic on me. As a pregnant women who’s never had a professional massage before, this was beyond my expectations! I will definitely be returning and even sending my friends and family here as well."


Yoldana G.

"The best therapy massage, I’ve been in pain for couple years after giving birth to my daughter . I started seeing Tabitha about 2 months ago I can say my sciatic pain is almost gone ! Very happy 41 years old mom here! El mejor masaje de terapia que he recibido. He estado con mucho dolor por varios años después de haber tenido mi hija , ya dos meses después de estar recibiendo los masajes de Tabitha mi dolor de nervio ciático casi a desaparecido por completo . Uná madre de 41 años muy feliz !"


Katie J.

"I have received multiple massages from more than one member of the Muscle Mobility team. I always leave fully relaxed and feeling wonderful. I highly recommend others give them a try. Mike and Liz are great owners!"


Melissa W.

"Kevin is amazing and allowed me to be completely pain free for the first time in forever!!"


Ronnie H.

"There the GOAT Of Mobility...Service that flows from the "Fountain Of Youth"


Brandon S.

"Because I sit most of the day my hips and quads get locked up leading to strong stiffness and sometimes serious back pain. Alizabeth took care of my lower body and back in a 90 minute massage. I left feeling super relaxed and been feeling great since. Thank you Muscle Mobility"


Brittani B.

"Received a 1hr deep tissue with Shan. All I can say is -WOW! His hands are magic. My neck and shoulders feel better than they have in years (and it's only my 1st session)!!! I'll definitely be back and HIGHLY recommend."

Christopher O

"I was referred to Muscle Mobility by a friend (Ben Barkes). My therapist was Shan. I was very impressed of his knowledge of anatomy and movement. After telling him my symptoms and ailments he went right to root of the problem finding spots I did not even know were knotted up. He utilized various techniques and was able to not only decrease my pain but increase my active range of motion. originally slotted for a 60-minute treatment session I added 30 more minutes because I was very happy with the results thus far. My hip flexors were screaming at me causing my back pain. This morning I was able to PR my back squat going from 255# to 285#. I don't think I would have been able to make that jump, or even attempt to work out for that matter, if my hip flexors were still hypertonic. I highly recommend Muscle Mobility as well as Shan. I will be returning here soon."


Jamie H

"I had been having neck pain and upper back pain for about a week. I scheduled a massage with Erica in hopes of some relief. Let me tell you, Erica was fantastic!!! She took the time to talk with me about how I was feeling and what was hurting. She made me feel comfortable, she was friendly, professional and an amazing massage therapist. She provided the perfect amount of pressure, worked on my trouble areas and I left feeling refreshed and with more mobility in my neck. I will definitely be returning!"


Eric S.

"I have been a client of Mike's for about a year. After several years of no relief from doctors or chiropractors I am finally progressing to the point of being pain free. My chiropractor actually recommended massage therapy as his methods proved to be an ineffective long term solution. Along with the massage therapy, Mike has performed cupping on me with great success. It not only removes toxins, it helps with looking younger if done on the face. I wholeheartedly recommend Mike and his team for whatever problem you have."


Sarah D.

"Shan is awesome. With this mysterious muscle issue that I am experiencing, Shan has been the only medical professional that I have seen that has given me relief from the pain, more flexibility, and hope for the possibility of a 'normal' future. Thank you!"

Jason B.

"Big thanks to Michael Van Duyn and the staff for a great day highly recommend them go check them out."


Jeremy B.

"Great experience, great staff, great massage. Will return for sure."


Jordan E.

"Kevin is really great! Awesome technique and I already feel a ton of relief in just one session! I had a lot going on from back and neck pain and leg pain associated with my running. Kevin was able to address all of it in the same session very thoroughly."


Deanna H.

"My massage therapist, Becki is amazing! She listens to your needs and I can tell she truly cares. I would recommend Muscle Mobility to anyone!"


Angie Montgomery 

"This was my first massage with Kevin, and he was fantastic! He got deep into areas that I didn't even realize needed it. Highly recommend Muscle Mobility."


Vanessa Moore

"Top Notch therapy and massages!! Everyone is caring and professional !! You're missing out, if you don’t at least try it once!!"

Amber Johnson 

"Mike has helped me significantly with my hip and knee swelling and pain. I will not be pursuing surgery on my knee because of the improvement I have seen. The chiropractor, Trevor, was able to adjust areas in my back that have been locked for years. I highly recommend visiting Muscle Mobility Performance."


Joe Foster 

"This was my first time getting a chiropractic adjustment and the experience was amazing. The entire staff was extremely friendly and professional. I will definitely be returning!"


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