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Personal Training just for you

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Each of our personal trainers create workout, movement plans specific to your wellness needs. Contact the personal trainer that fits your needs from our list of qualified trainers below.

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Meet The Team

Sarah Lowe

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach

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Colin Slager

Personal Trainer, Human Performance Specialist, CA

Hey there, I'm Sarah. Throughout my life I have lived in several places, but I feel most at home here in the midwest. I have lived in Indiana since 2019 and love it here. This summer I married my middle school sweetheart and we have two dogs at home that keep us busy.


I have been a personal trainer for about 4 years and work with people of all ages. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Wellness, am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach. My philosophy is centered around establishing healthy eating habits and incorporating effective physical activity. We will accomplish this by holding you accountable to a personalized training plan that takes your current health into account while making steady progress towards your ultimate goals. I will be there to offer you the support, knowledge, and actionable resources that you need to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle. And hopefully we'll have some fun along the way!

As a personal trainer, I use various approaches & movements. I am not married to one single modality. Whether the goal is to build muscle, lose weight or increase athletic performance, I ensure that every client knows how to be in control of all movement. First, we stabilize our bodies to move safely, then we focus on being efficient and effective. There is no one-size- fits-all plan. Every session is customized to the individual. Many styles of training and movements will be used depending on the needed stimulus. I use a very different approach and technique and can connect and excel my clients’ progress.

Colin is the founder of Optimal Fitness Rx, where they specialize in nutrition, rehab and performance. After graduating from Butler in 2016, he found his calling in the business of helping and serving others so that they may take back control of their health. He started the business in 2020 after realizing it was time for him to take the leap and run his own practice.

Desmond Jones

Fitness Trainer, Macro-Nutrition Coach, Transformation Specialist

My name is Desmond Jones, founder of Dez Fit Club LLC. As a Fitness Trainer, Macro-Nutrition Coach, Transformation Specialist, I also take the time to mentor adolescents and individuals in need. With a passion and focus on inspiring others through equipping their mind, body, and soul, my purpose on this earth is to connect to as many individuals as humanly possible. Helping them recognize their true internal drive deep within and become the best them they deserved to be.

With a background in Kinesiology from Indiana University, I gained in depth experience in the study and mechanics in which the body moves. There are a wide range when it comes to forms of exercises/training and as a trainer, it is my responsibility to construct the best fitness/nutrition alternative for each unique individual client. My goal is to bring the best out of each client which in return will create the results they desire to have. Dez Fit Club LLC provides not only personal one on one training but also online accountability training for those that feel more equipped at a distance.

Due to my concentration in behavioral studies at Butler University and as a District Behavioral Consultant for students, I have developed knowledge that also influences my fitness clients as well. Each motivated client that has the desire to transform their physical appearance, first must make the decision to transform their mental makeup. This is the first thing the client and I will concentrate on as we breakdown their previous everyday habits and converting them into healthy habits. Clients will be pushed towards success and evaluated mentally before taking on their physical journey with Dez Fit Club LLC.

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